Test page for South Pennines

Option 1

Pro’s: Most flexibility with icons, pop-up box, colours etc. One image, can paste html in info box so embed multiple Youtube videos etc. Supports Grouped pins e.g. walks, picnics etc
Con’s: No collaboration so a submission process will be needed and an admin to add pins.

Option 2

Open full screen to see your location and see what’s nearest.
Pro’s: Open in Google Maps and save as favourite. Can invite Google users to collaborate. Not much control over styling/brand. Layers can appear as groups (walks, picnics etc)
Con’s: Can’t embed video or HTML in general, plain text only. One image, multiple Youtube videos can be added but are links only.

Option 3

Pro’s: When upgraded we can add geolocation, better base map and collaborate with additional logins. Supports Grouped pins e.g. walks, picnics etc
Con’s: One image per pin, one link (e.g. Youtube). Collaborator needs to know markdown (basic syntax e.g. asterix before text makes it bold) – we can provide Excel template for populating info (text and Youtube thumbnail link) and converting this into markdown