Who am I?

Hi! I’m Simon Waldren, freelancer IT/website designer and lover of spreadsheets and all things data-driven.

I am passionate about doing things right. With over 20 years in the data industry, working across a wide range of disciplines, attention to detail and going the extra mile have been key to keeping clients happy.

I worked within the Acxiom group of companies for over 20 years and I have absolutely loved finding and developing solutions to a wide range of challenges. It has granted me the opportunity to work within different technical teams using a variety of different languages and reporting solutions. I have applied these to wide-range of external clients’ data processing and reporting needs as well as important internal financial information for company management.

After living in and around London for many years, in 2015 I moved to West Yorkshire where my business is now based.

What’s Totally Locally all about?

Totally Locally is an award-winning initiative for town collaboration to help get independent businesses working together for a larger goal… to compete with larger chains and level the playing field. I have been helping run Totally Locally for 8ish years now, starting with Totally Locally Teddington when I lived in South West London, then more recently on the national campaign which has spilled over into a worldwide movement!

Where does the name come from?

I have always been fascinated with flying and planes, my grandad worked for de Havilland during WWII on the design for the Mosquito ‘Wooden Wonder’ high-speed fighter-bomber. Following this my family worked in the aeronautical industry with British Aerospace on the same site.

The name Waldopepper comes from a combination of a surname-related nickname I had at school and also from the Robert Redford film about a WWI flying ace… The Great Waldo Pepper.

Recently, I finally realised a life-long ambition of flying a plane myself – a 1930’s open cockpit de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth biplane.